Facial Expression [photography tips]

Hello! Today I wanted to share a few photography tips that I have learned/picked up. I am in NO WAY a professional, I just enjoy taking pictures and wanted to share! 
The first tip that I have is about facial expressions. I had recently taken costume photos for kids at my dance studio. One thing that I had learned: people’s smiles fade after the first couple photos.

I found out that my model’s smiles just automatically faded. After I asked them to smile and had taken about two pictures, their smile just wasn’t fresh anymore. I found I had to delete some photos because of this. The first photo almost always captured their smile in the best state. So I learned I should tell them to change their facial expressions quite often. There are a couple other things that I tried…. A serious facial expression, looking down with no smile, looking to the left with a small smile… and then I could go back again and tell them to give me a big smile.  🙂  

*Thank you for reading! These may be really simple and obvious tips, but they were just things that I had learned. Again I am not a pro-photographer. 😉 
 By: The Molly Trolley


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